EWRZoneLogo9EWRZone.com is a “hyper-local news site” dedicated to covering news about Newark Liberty International Airport. In fact, because of the influence that the airport has over such a wide region, we hesitate to call it “hyper-local.” Our goal over time is to make this site a compendium of information and news ab out the airport so that travelers, workers, and the whole community can go to a single location to find out what they need to know.

We want the site to be:

  1. Interesting. Instead of your having to search all over to find airline schedules in and out of the airport, all of them will be here. Need to know which restaurant is best for your needs? Find it here.
  2. Important. What news stories might affect your use of the airport immediately or over time? We intend to research and write stories that will help you to understand what is really happening at the airport.
  3. Funny and serious. People have all kinds of experiences at Newark Airport. Some are interesting and humorous; others are difficult or even tragic. We want to tell those stories.
  4. Informative. Why go all over searching for a list of hotels, parking lots, restaurants and so forth when these sites exist already. EWRZone.com will find these various lists and link them here. So you really only need to know one site.