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A place to breastfeed in busy Newark Airport

The nursing station itself. Enter here and slip into a private space.

A place to breastfeed in busy Newark AirportCorinne McDermott’s’ only choice was to expose herself in public. Luckily she was okay with that, but other moms might not be. The busy mom was still breastfeeding when she returned to work after a short maternity leave, and found herself looking around the airport. Where was she…

Bad to the Drone


You can make almost any symbol look threatening by placing a red circle and a diagonal line through it. Not that drones are good things; the jury is out about that. But the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is banning drones and a whole bunch of other things during the time Pope Francis will be visiting the U.S. The only area affected is around Philadelphia, and it’s only for Sept. 26 and 27, the time when Francis will be in the U.S.

United pilot says good-bye to years of flying

Bowers's wife Kathy wipes a tear as she listens to her husband address the media, friends and family aboard the jet he just landed.

Wife weeps after last flightHe received his pilot’s license barely six months after he was married. That was 43 years ago, and Captain Mike Bowers has been prowling the skies ever since, once as a fighter pilot but more recently as the reassuring, balding, middle-aged captain who describes the weather conditions through the intercom and…